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Journey to the heart helps you navigate tender life transitions by gently peeling back one layer at a time; which through seeing and unraveling will have you land peacefully into your heart space and shift from dullness to flourescence.

Journey into your fluorescence

The Alchemy Soul Work Method

The difference is the unparalleled space that I have the ability to hold.

Each person’s journey is unique and will be led by your body and heart while moving through these distinct phases. Dullness > Seeing > Unraveling > Fluorescence 

Alchemy Soul Work is a safe place to transmute your pain into power and move from dullness to fluorescence. I stand for safety, deep acceptance, comfort, encouragement and excellence in this field.

Using reiki energy and a variety of exercises, tools and sharing we will co create a safe container for your work by uncovering what is ready to be seen, unraveling the entanglements and inviting you into a space of fluorescence.

Clients report improvements in a variety of aspects of their lives: relationship with self and others, nervous system regulation, emotional alchemy, allergies, chronic headaches, migraines, PTSD, mindset, and chronic stress which are often related to trauma and or unhealthy living conditions/choices.

I am not a therapist, I refer to myself as a guide. I walk alongside you while you brave your soul’s work as we are not meant to do this alone. I never want anybody to feel as alone as I did during some of my lowest points and it's more than important to me that I leave your heart more full than I found it and you with deep acceptance of your life's path.


Moving from dullness to fluorescence through seeing and unraveling what is weighing on your heart. 

Offer #1 (online):

Journey to the Heart is a journey of peeling back your layers, returning to that core innocence of who we were before the world got its hands on us. I believe we all came to this earth in the purest light form and as we move through experiences and hard things we build these layers around our hearts. 

Your journey consists of four phases–dullness, seeing, unraveling and fluorescence. 

Each session consists of the use of Reiki energy and may contain all or some of the following: 

Online Sessions

Somatic Work

Breathing Exercises

Card Reading

Content Sharing/ Education


Regular email and or voice correspondence

And a loving safe space to let your guard down

We will listen and honor the time and space in which you are able to process. Our soul work is that which takes deep surrender, trust, vulnerability and courage which leaves you feeling lighter and fluorescent.. This work is not linear, nor is it meant to be: it is a process unraveling at the perfect pace for your soul. Ourwork will leave you with an integration process and I encourage you to tune in and allow yourself to both feel and listen. This is a very important piece of your process to be followed up with journaling.

We will ground and guide you through each session and phase:

What’s Included:

✓ 6 sessions (to be used within 6-months)
✓ Reiki Energy in each session 
✓ Unlimited support in-between sessions
✓ Integration exercises
✓ Curated resources and tools


$1400+ tax

(or 3 payments of $500+ tax) 

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Reiki/Craniosacral Therapy sessions

Light touch therapy working with the energy and rhythm of your cerebrospinal fluid in and around the central nervous system. As you relax into this craniosacral therapy with reiki; emotional, physical, spiritual well-being are restored.

Offer #2 (in-person):

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Pain into Power.
From dullness to Fluorescence 

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love notes

Amanda’s work is truly one in a million. The work that she does is exceptional, her ability to tune into what you need is astonishing. She has the most kind and warm heart, she is so welcoming and understanding. Every session has left me feeling lighter, bubblier, full of hope and joy. I continue to feel clarity, confidence and closer to my inner being.

I highly recommend this beautiful human

-RD, 2023 

As I tell my friends: Amanda is the ‘real deal’. She is sensitive, kind hearted, genuine, centered, experienced and capable. Amanda is now an essential part of my mental/physical/spiritual ‘health & wellness team’. I cannot speak too highly of Amanda and her abilities. 
If you are on a quest for meaningful wellness, Amanda can help you.

-CG, Feb 2022

I have seen Amanda regularly for Craniosacral treatments for the last three months. I suffer from chronic pain, muscle stiffness and soft tissue damage from Fibromyalgia, migraines, and a serious car accident.
Amanda is friendly, compassionate, and professional. She is very good at creating a supportive, healing and nurturing environment.
I am grateful for the significant benefits I have received by her skilled sessions. My improvements include - reduced pain, an increased fluidity and flexibility in my movements and significant improvement in my mind/body integration.
I enthusiastically recommend Amanda as your practitioner for any of your mind/body work.

-DC, nov 2021

I started seeing Amanda at the beginning of October after being diagnosed with PTSD, extreme anxiety and depression. I had never heard of Reiki/Craniosacral Therapy before but when I read about Amanda on the Fort Langley Massage and Holistic Therapy website I knew it could be something good for me. After the first session I felt so calm and relaxed, the best I had felt in 2 months! In each session we do, something different and amazing things happen in my body. The energy and gentle touch that Amanda shares is incredible. She is a lovely, kind and compassionate woman. I have recommended Reiki/Craniosacral Therapy to some of my friends who are struggling and can't wait to see how they react!

-ST, Nov 2021

I was initially looking for a Craniosacral practitioner and a friend told me about Amanda. A short time after another friend suggested I try Reiki.
Amanda is qualified in both and she is wonderful! I am so grateful for her ability to combine both Reiki and Craniosacral into her sessions. I find each session is a little different but I always come away feeling renewed and full of energy. For myself this is emotional and physical healing. It's an excellent way for me to release stress, refocus and provide self care.

-BD, October 2022

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